Translation services

Confirmation of translations

By client’s request, we confirm the translation of official documents by the signature of the translator and a seal of the translation bureau, or at an office of notary public.

Confirmation of translation by translator’s signature and seal of the bureau

  • The translation bureau, by the signature of the translator, only confirms the correspondence of translated text to the original text.
  • In order to get a confirmation by the translation bureau, provision of original documents is not required.

Confirmation of translation at an office of notary public

  • The notary public confirms the authenticity of translator’s signature and the copy of the provided official document.
  • The notary public does not check the correctness of the translation performed.
  • In order to obtain a confirmation by notary public, it is necessary to present original official documents, or their copies confirmed by any Lithuanian notary public, to the office of the notary public.
  • Clients can only pick up the documents, confirmed by notary public, at the translation bureau.

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