Translation services

The translation bureau “Kaligrafija” offers linguistic services to business and specialises in the translation of legal and technical texts.

Translation of economic texts

We translate various documents used by our clients in their daily activities: enterprise documentation, employee training, marketing materials, business plans, enterprise development analyses, commercial offers, business correspondence, blank forms, databases, reports, product descriptions, official documents, etc.

Translation of legal texts

We translate legal documents: contracts, enterprise statutes, powers of attorney, statements of notary public, decisions of courts, public procurement documentation, work safety documentation, labour contracts, etc.

Translation of technical texts

We translate operating, working and servicing manuals of various equipment and machinery, household appliances, heating and cooling, wastewater treatment equipment, road and agricultural machinery, technical norms, material and product specifications, texts of technical drawings, components catalogues, quality management system documentation, certification documents, etc.

Translation of financial texts

We translate balance sheets, audit and other financial reports, cost estimates and other documents.

Translation of advertising texts

We translate product catalogues, information booklets, presentations, flyers, marketing materials, product label texts and other texts.

Translation of medical texts

We translate servicing and working manuals of medical appliances and equipment, medical statements, clinical records, conclusions of research.

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